"Escaping the Wrath of God" Genesis 19 Back to all sermons

A Journey of Faith: Lessons from the Life of Abraham

Date: November 11, 2018

Speaker: Rick Crews

Series: A Journey of Faith: Lessons from the Life of Abraham

Category: Old Testament

Scripture: Genesis 19:1–19:38

Application Questions:

  1. How does Genesis 19 answer the question: Does God act fairly when He brings judgment (Genesis 18:25)? Have you ever struggled with the thought that perhaps God is acting unfairly towards you or someone you know? Explain. How does this passage bring comfort and warning to us concerning God’s ways and His just response to all sin? How does the cross help give us hope in the midst of God’s wrath in judgment? 
  2. We defined worldliness as loving the values and pursuits in this world (1 John 2:15) so that God is either denied, forgotten, or ignored. How do you see Lot having compromised with the world in Genesis 19:1ff. Also reference Genesis 13:10-12 and 14:11-12 to see the slow progression of compromising with the world. In what ways are you struggling with or tempted towards compromising with the world in your job, education, relationship, children, sports? 
  3. What is the danger of compromising with the world? Can a wayward, compromising believer have any confidence in their salvation is such a state? Explain. Can you share a time when you found yourself having become miserable in your spiritual life due to compromising with the world? How did God rescue you from such misery? 
  4. How is healthy church membership vital to guard you against compromising with the world? How do we practice healthy church membership with a wayward believer? 
  5. How can the application of such a challenging passage in Genesis 19 spur us on to show greater love to our neighbors?